Francisco Marins  - Coord. Nac. Projeto Sebrae no Pódio

Rio de Janeiro, R.J - Brasil

01/ago/2015 - I have at Work Out Events a reference in its search for quality in its services and modern concepts of sustainability.The constant search for qualication in managementand opening new markets makes this company has a brand that it guarantees enchantmentof its customers.

Daniel Spinelli - Human Development Consultant - PS

Curitiba - PR

19 | July | 2015 - By facebook

High level of professionalism and commitment is what you can expect from the company this brilliant entrepreneur.

Much success ever Patricia !

Yassine Fourati - Project Manager Accord Expositions - Montreal

Stand Grupo Ômega | Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Out/2014:  “Thank you very much! I really appreciate your professionalism!! … I hope we will have other opportunities to work together!”

Brenno Luiz Castro - Mkt FUNCEF

Brasilia - DF

November 9th de 2011 by Facebook 15:23
" I was very lucky to find such a team Professional
as Work Out company.”

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Larissa Marques - Product Management Consultant at Engset-Nav | LAMCE/COPPE/UFRJ

Rio de Janeiro - RJ

27 | Aug | 2016 - by Whatsapp

I want to thank to all the Work Out Team for the professionalism and commitment to the outcome.

We are happy to had chosen you to do this work with us. Thank you!

Please forward this message to everyone on the team ...

You will certainly have my recommendation !

Celso Pereira de Oliveira - Pres. MJC Eventos

Rio de Janeiro, R.J - Brasil

Celso Pereira de Oliveira Serious and honest company with modern management, it is focused on quality and always on-time assembly and delivery of its services. Our company (MJC ) was Work Out ‘s customer in Carnavália Event, recently it happened at the Sulamerica Convention Center, we can , as in other occasions, prove the excellence of its services. Thebooth was set up by Work Out and it demonstrated perfection , architectural creativity , concern on finishing and quality of materials in addition to punctuality and full obedience to the project presented. Among a lot of others booths, the MJC’s booth drew attention for the beauty and presentation and it was considered the most luxurious of the event. It is with pleasure that we recommend WORK OUT , directed by Patricia Miranda exemplary .

Scott Hathaway - Head of EAS Program at TM FORUM

New Jersey | USA

“I’m Scott Hathaway with the TM FORUM.  We recently had our TM FORUM Latin American event at the Unique Hotel (27-28 March 2012)… I was very impressed with their work ethic and professionalism and their assistance was very helpful for the great show we put on.

Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to them for their efforts.  They are certainly an asset to themselves and your company.

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